Our “TenePops” dog treats with insects are healthy goodies for dogs. We use 100 % natural ingredients and the insects supply dogs with important nutrients.

In addition, TenePops are a great treat for dogs with food allergies or food intolerances, since they only contain 2-3 high quality ingredients, one being our in-house reared insects as alternative and exotic protein source. Each TenePop contains less than 1 kcal, thus making them a great diet-treat for overweight dogs.

All our products are produced without wheat or gluten. In addition, the potato flavors are also grain-free. We don’t add any sugar, additives or preservatives to our TenePops. This makes TenePops a natural snack alternative for any customer who wants to treat their dog with a healthy delight.

Why TenePops?

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Dog with his natural dog treat

Why Insects?


The diet of wolves also contains insects, because it is a good source of food.
So why shouldn’t your dog try it?

Insects always have been part of the diet of wolves and other canids for their high quality protein and abundance in nature. Even though in our western culture we lost touch with this great source of nutrients and find it “yucky” to eat, it is an absolutely natural feed ingredient. Since there are no artificial ingredients used in the treats, they can play a role in a natural dog diet.


Insects contain high quality protein, healthy fats, lots of micronutrients.

This makes them the perfect ingredient for our healthy dog treats. Insect protein contains all for dogs essential amino acids and the amount is comparable with beef steak. Insects are also high in different unsaturated fatty acids, like fish, making them a great source for those important nutrients. And last but not least they also contain a high amount of different vitamins and minerals that are essential for the good health, happy condition and shiny fur of every dog.


The breeding of insects saves resources compared to regular meat production, because insects need less amounts of water, food and land.

Since insects are cold blooded organisms they do not need a lot of energy to survive and can put almost all of their feed intake into growing and gaining weight. Therefore they need only a fraction of resources to produce the same amount of protein. To give an example: Every kilogram of edible beef product needs 15,400 L of water, 25 kg of feed and an area of 33 square meters. Insects in comparison need only 28%, 7% and 9% respectively of those resources, making them a great and sustainable alternative of animal protein.


… and the great, slightly nutty taste of insects.

We tested our products with a lot of dogs and they just love TenePops. They love how it crunches in their mouth and seem to enjoy the nutty taste of insects.

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Sabrina Jaap
Co-Founder, Sales & Marketing

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